Re: "Untyped variable" bug???

From: Rod Armstrong (
Date: Wed Aug 19 1998 - 19:57:58 BST

I don't have a copy of gcc 2.7* anymore, but I did try the test case
on 2.8.0 and 2.8.1 and wasn't able to reproduce the problem. The global
was correctly displayed under the main source file:

   Source files
         one_command <table[0]>             *0x21784
            char <command{0}>                  *NULL
      main                                               untyped_var.c:64
         one_command <second_table[0]>      *0xeffff690
            char <command{0}>                  *NULL

So using a newer version of gcc (or egcs) appears to fix this problem.

BTW, I am considering making a 3.33 release within a few weeks. This will
include the 3.32.1 fixes plus a significant contribution from Russ
Browne for better C++ support. The main features of this are:

    Added handling of symbol table information concerning base
    classes, vector tables, and static class members in SC4 and g++
    object files.  This results in the following family  of features,
    most of which work only for the above two compilers:

        Base classes are displayed as structs within the structure,
    similar to ddd or Visual C++.

        Static members of a class may be examined in a way consistent
    with the UPS methods for  examining of global data ( e.g. click
    on "myClass::statMem", or for examining members of a struct
    ( e.g. select an object of type myClass* then enter ".statMem"
    in the typing line, or click on "statMem" inside a NON-static
    method for myClass to get this->statMem).
        Added a popup menu option to expand all static members of a
    selected object.

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