Disappearing breakpoints

From: Callum Gibson (callum.gibson_at_aus.deuba.com)
Date: Wed Oct 07 1998 - 01:04:47 BST

Ups people,
Has anyone else experienced disappearing breakpoints under Solaris 2.x?
The problem happens if you set breakpoints before the program has been
started (in unshared code). When the program starts there is a lot of
beeping and error messages like "Can't unlink `/tmp/ups-bpts.nnnnn'"
and then the shared libraries are loaded and the break points disappear.
If I start, stop and add breakpoints then it's okay.

Before I dive into the code I thought I'd see if anyone else has seen this
problem. I actually can't believe noone else has said anything - it's
very reproducable. I'm using the latest version (3.32.1 from July) on
Solaris 2.5. Didn't do anything spectacular to build it, just the default.


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