Re: ups on Solaris x86? and upcoming 3.34 release

From: Chris Siebenmann (
Date: Thu Mar 25 1999 - 21:23:56 GMT

 Ups 3.34beta compiles on Linux GLIBC 2.0 (RedHat 5.1 based) with only
the following (quick and dirty) diff:
--- ups/ao_elfcore.c	1999/03/25 20:42:13	1.1
+++ ups/ao_elfcore.c	1999/03/25 20:42:45
@@ -207,7 +207,13 @@
 #endif /* not _STRUCTURED_PROC */
+#ifdef	NT_PRXREG
 		case NT_PRXREG:
 		case NT_PLATFORM:
+#ifdef	NT_AUXV
 		case NT_AUXV:

 However, it still has the problem of directly calling (via interpreted
code) a shared library routine; it bombs out with a SIGSEGV. Calling a
routine in the program that calls (shared) library calls is fine.

 It also appears to sometimes select the wrong version of a routine
to call. For example, if you do something that tries to directly call
strstr() (defined in ups/ci_lex.c on most platforms as well as in the
library), it complains about finding two versions of it and then the
call will SEGV (which I assume means that it calls the shared library
version, instead of the one in the program).

	- cks

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