Re: ups on Solaris x86? and upcoming 3.34 release

From: Rod Armstrong (
Date: Thu Mar 25 1999 - 00:57:55 GMT

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    The upcoming 3.34 release of ups will build for Solaris 2.7 on sparc
    machines - not having access to an Intel machine, I haven't tried
    building there. Did ups ever work for Solaris x86?
    For the sparc architecture, the changes were in ao_elfcore.c in order to cope 
    with the _STRUCTURED_PROC method in core files introduced in Solaris 2.7.
    For those interested, other new features will be:
    o  Russ Browne <> provided fixes for
        -  breakpoints in static constructors
        -  compiler identification
        -  changes to g++ 2.8.1 symbol table
        -  using UPS on purify'd executables
        -  locating X application resources file
        -  display of 'register' storage class variables
        -  latest version of GNU C++ name demangler
    o  Ian Edwards <> provided
        -  building UPS through a 'configure' script
        -  changes for FreeBSD 3.0 (a.out and ELF)
    o  Laszlo Ladanyi <> provided fixes for
        -  building under debian Linux 2.0 (kernel 2.0.35)
        -  ELF symbol table processing on Linux
        -  compilation warnings
    o  Dibyendu Majumdar <> provided
        -  lots of work on the standalone C interpreter included in the
           UPS source code, documentation on it, tests etc.  See the file
           interpreter/docs/Interpreter.txt for full details.
    o  Will Renkel <> provided the information
       about building UPS on a Linux 'a.out' system (on the web site)
    Rod Armstrong

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