Cannot display local integers

From: Denton Byers (
Date: Wed Apr 12 2000 - 16:08:38 BST

	I running UPS release version 3.34 on and Ultra 4 with SunOS 5.7.  I do my 
compiles with the release version of GCC 2.95.1  UPS works like magic 
except the display of local integers.  In main() and everywhere else, I see 
a "qd" or other integer-type designation instead of their numerical 
representation for their values.  A memory dump reveals the correct value 
of any integer variable, but that is a real hassle of a work-around to just 
to view the values of ints!  Also, when integer variables' values change, 
the display will not mark it in red like it does for character strings 

Are these bugs or am I missing something (more likely the case)?

Regards -

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