UPS 3.35-beta13 available; article about UPS

From: Rod Armstrong (
Date: Wed Jul 26 2000 - 00:54:36 BST

There is now a 3.35-beta13 version of UPS available: 

Unless serious problems are reported, I hope to make this into the
official 3.35 version. Changes between 3.35beta10 and 3.35 beta13:

o  Changes from Russ Browne <>
    - implement raise/lower on "exec to here".
    - fix to the symbol table problem reported by James Armstrong.

o  Changes from Rod Armstrong <>
    - fix for static globals with Centerline and Purify on Solaris.
    - fix for crash on "attach" reported by Robert Wan
    - fix for scroll delay code
    - revived the code for debugging dynamically loaded libraries.
      This was commented out in 3.35 beta6 because it caused a step 
      in C++ code to be very slow. The hit should happen now only
      when the dynamic linker does a load, open or close of a 
      dynamic library, or when the user rescans the init file.
      Ricardo Telichevesky <> reports this works
      on Linux Red Hat 6.2 as well as Solaris.
    - related to the above, rescanning the init file now works again.
    - for a display window search, optimized the coloring by turning 
      it on and off only when necessary. This reduced the setup time 
      for a search from minutes, for a display window of thousands of 
      lines, to millisecs.
    - fixed a bug that caused most steps to behave like nexts in Sun
      shared libraries, especially for C++ code.
    - For Solaris 2.6 and 2.7, the following signals have been added:
      SIGCANCEL, SIGLOST (2.7 only) and the 8 realtime signals. This
      should help in thread debugging.

o  Changes from Ian Edwards <ian_at_concerto,>
    - fixes for lower/iconify on run
    - application defaults file may be in /usr/X11R6/lib/...
    - stuff to allow a FreeBSD package/port of ups to be built

o  Changes from Panagiotis Tsirigotis <>
    - fix for UPS crash when using a g++ that generates vtable thunks
      for virtual function dispatch.

o  Changes from Peter Collinson <>
    - control speed of scrolling of text in windows with Ups.ScrollDelay

UPS has a write-up in print : Peter Collinson has included UPS in an
article on UNIX debuggers in the UK software development magazine '.EXE',
online at

Rod Armstrong

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