Unable to reads core files under Solaris 2.6

From: Niall Macpherson (niall.macpherson_at_logicscope.com)
Date: Tue Nov 14 2000 - 09:38:09 GMT

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    I am using ups version 3.33 running under Solaris 2.6.
    The binaries that I am trying to debug are built using gcc v2.952
    Everything works OK when running ups either from the command line 
    and starting execution of the binary within ups, or when attaching to
    a runnning process by passing the pid.
    However, I am unable to get any info from core files - I get 
    the following output
    (niall_at_premier)/users/niall/bin 10 % ups upstest core
    Unknown PT_NOTE type 13 in ELF core file core - ignored
    Unknown PT_NOTE type 10 in ELF core file core - ignored
    Unknown PT_NOTE type 17 in ELF core file core - ignored
    Unknown PT_NOTE type 16 in ELF core file core - ignored
    No prpsinfo_t item in note section of ELF core file core
    (niall_at_premier)/users/niall/bin 11 %  
    As far as I am aware this used to work OK
    Does anyone know of a fix for this ?
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