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Date: Sun Feb 13 2000 - 04:54:57 GMT

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    On 27-Jan-00 Doug Hughes wrote:
    > I asked for this once before for the ACM 99 programming competition
    > (which went well by the way, thanks!) But, in the cleanup process
    > I seem to have mislayed the binary. Could some kind soul email me
    > a linux elf binary for ups? (or tell me an FTP location).
    a Linux binary of ups 3.35beta8 built on RedHat 6.0 is at:
    If there are any FreeBSD users there is also a binary built on release 3.2:
    The source is at:
    NOTE - despite what the CHANGES file says this has not yet been tested
    AT ALL on Sparc/Solaris.
    This beta includes the 'split windows' option plus bug fixes from
    Rod Armstrong and a lot of work by Russ Browne (see CHANGES for details) :
     - Support for Sun SC5 compiler
     - Corrected look and feel for X clipboard operations
     - Corrected display of source files with DOS style CR LF
     - Added a keyboard history feature
     - Added a text-entry button (alternative to  ESC or RETURN keys)
    Calling C library routines from interpreted code at breakpoints on Linux
    and FreeBSD may now work.
      E-mail: Ian Edwards <>
      Date:   13-Feb-00             Time:   04:54:57
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