dynamic libraries

From: Terry R. Friedrichsen (terry_at_venus.sunquest.com)
Date: Tue Jan 02 2001 - 15:00:29 GMT

>From the 3.35 announcement:

> o  Changes from Rod Armstrong <rod_at_san-jose.tt.slb.com>
> ...
>     - revived the code for debugging dynamically loaded libraries.

Is there an easy way to turn this off again?  It appears to break
"execute to here" because it insists on looking for the nonexistent
source code to dl_open.c and gives me lotsa entry points I don't
care about in the "Functions" display.  (I've only tried this under
RedHat Linux 7.0, in helping someone else out with a problem - I'm
a FreeBSD person myself ...).


Terry R. Friedrichsen


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