FYI: Thanks for ups!

From: Rod Armstrong (
Date: Mon Jan 29 2001 - 18:21:21 GMT

I received this from Martin Neitzel, and took the liberty of forwarding
his thanks to the ups community, especially all those who have contributed
enhancements, fixes and bug reports,

Rod Armstrong

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>From Mon Jan 29 02:56:41 PST 2001
Subject: Thanks for ups!

Thanks for your work on ups!  I first installed ups when it was
released for the first time -- that must have been more than
ten years ago, methinks.  I was hunting for it again last weekend
and was nicely suprised that it is still actively support for
today's platforms duch as the Solarisses.  IMHO, "ups" is the
best debugger available for X11 environments.  It's not not bloated,
versatile, knows how to remember settings, makes efficient use
of screen real-estate, doesn't distract the programmer from
concentrating on the bug hunt, comes with a great user manual,
and still works splendidly on B/W displays.

                                             Martin Neitzel
                                          (who still foundly
                                              remembers dbx's "trace"
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