Some new features that will be available soon

From: Rod Armstrong (
Date: Wed Mar 07 2001 - 18:49:35 GMT

I've got an experimental version of ups that has several new features. 
I'll ask Ian to make the patch available on the web site in a week or so.

1. There shouldn't be any more complaints about a source file being newer 
   than the object when reattaching to a target with new libraries. 

2. Just rebuilt libraries are reloaded on a reattach. There were several bugs
   that broke this old functionality, and caused a slowdown on next and
   step with large targets.

3. The "Reloading symtab ..." message comes out immediately. The state display
   of variables and expressions gets inherited by the newer libraries.

4. If the ~/.upsinit file is changed when detached, then ups attached,
   only new libraries are reloaded (if rebuilt) or loaded (if added to
   the init file). Previously all prior loaded libraries were reloaded. 

5. Global variables are correctly restored on a reattach.

6. Ups now allows one to change targets. So one can debug a shared library 
   with one target, setting up breakpoints and variables etc, then detach, 
   edit the target line to the name of a different target that also uses 
   the library, then attach and debug the same library with the same display.

   So one can keep ups up for days, and attach to new code that comes from
   a nightly software build, without losing the debug context.

7. Will look into making a menu for choosing libraries to load, rather
   then forcing the users to edit the init file.


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