Re: threads

From: Russell Browne (
Date: Wed May 09 2001 - 18:15:54 BST

Callum Gibson wrote
> Has anyone thought much about adding support for debugging threaded programs
> under Solaris? The ability to swap between threads while in a breakpoint
> would be handy, ala dbx.

I've been working on such a feature, although I haven't been able to
devote much time to it recently.

I hope to be able to support thread debugging on Solaris but not Linux;
unless there is a Linux package equivalent to Solaris'

Support for Solaris 2.5 is iffy;  not all Solaris 2.5 machines are
equal in this area.  Solaris 2.5 will not support all the features
I have in mind, but should be able to support Callum's request to
switch between threads while in a breakpoint.

When I have something I think is ready for a pre-beta release I'll
make arrangements with Rod and Ian for distribution.

Russ Browne
Applied MicroSystems Corp.

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