Re: ups for Solaris 2.8 SPARCV9, 64bit

From: Rod Armstrong (
Date: Thu Jul 12 2001 - 19:34:22 BST

	I started to look at 64bit support using the Forte compiler.
Didn't get far as I don't have an Ultra 60 with Solaris 8 to run it on.
Anyway, this fix should allow it to build:

 In ups-3.36/ifdefs.h, change all the *_HELPER values to 0

       To eliminate the annoying "unknown type 200" messages with Solaris 8,
insert the N_ISYM and  N_ESYM cases in ups/ao_elfsym.c at line 361 so 
it becomes:

            case N_GSYM:
            case N_ISYM:
            case N_ESYM:
                    if (stf != NULL) {
                        symrec.symio = symio;
                   symrec.symno = symno;
                   update_or_add_sn(&symrec, ap, stf,
                                       symstring(symio, symno));

I also have 2 other fixes, not related to 64bits (I get Ian to put these
on the web site soon):

1. You can now recover from a bad "jump to here" selection. If you try
   to jump to an invalid context, such as trying to jump up the stack,
   the "Stop" button will be active. When stop is pressed, the process 
   will be restored to the state before the jump.

2. Fixed a crash that happened when bad breakpoint code was loaded from
   a breakpoint file, and then UPS attached to a process. 


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