UPS 3.37 beta 2

From: Ian Edwards (
Date: Sun Aug 05 2001 - 16:09:10 BST

Hello UPS users,

UPS 3.37 beta 2 is now available for downloading from the web site :
    MD5 (ups-3.37-beta2.tar.gz) = c06e3d71836e86f30f50d4a5cc502c55

Thanks to Rod Armstrong <> for these enhancements
and his continuing work on UPS.

Ian Edwards


Changes between 3.37-beta2 and 3.36
o  Moved the GNU C++ demangler out of ups/ao_symscan.c into a new
   directory lib/libgnu and added the demangler for GCC 3.x. 

o  Fixed the "unknown type 200" messages when reading the symbols of a 
   target buit with Forte 6.1 under Solaris 8. There may be other problems 
   with Solaris 8 however.

o  Fix to enable ups to compile for 64 bits under Solaris 8. This is
   just a start so others can try and get it working for 64 bits. Use
   CC="cc -xarch=v9 -DOS_SUNOS_V9 -I/usr/include/v9", run ./configure,
   then manually change the HAVE_GETC_HELPER and HAVE_PUTC_HELPER defines
   in ./ifdefs.h to 0 before the make.

o  Added a "Drop state" item to the target menu.
   This simply deletes the temporary state file that ups
   uses to save information about breakpoints and what data have
   been displayed during a previous debug session. If you have previously
   attached to a process, and have been looking at global variables
   that take some time for ups to find, you can stop the debugger scanning
   again for the variables on reattaching to a rebuilt target by using
   the drop state button when unattached. You may also want to use it when
   attaching to a different process.

o  You can now recover from a bad "jump to here" selection. If you try
   to jump to an invalid context, such as trying to jump up the stack,
   the "Stop" button will be active. When stop is pressed, the process 
   will be restored to the state before the jump.

o  Fixed a crash that happened when bad breakpoint code was loaded from
   a breakpoint file, and then ups attached to a process. 

o  Changes from Terry R. Friedrichsen <>
    - look for '.upsinit' file in current directory before $HOME

o  Changes from Giuseppe Borz <>
    - more idiomatic RPM specification file and other RPM stuff

  E-mail: Ian Edwards <>
  Date:   05-Aug-01             Time:   16:09:10

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