Re: Problems reading breakpoints for overloaded functions

From: Bob Carragher (
Date: Fri Sep 07 2001 - 05:46:52 BST

[Sorry to take so long to reply to this!]

Rod Armstrong <> sez:

> (I think my last message was empty)

Yes, it was.

> 	You can try this simple fix. For 3.37-beta2, in ups/obj_bpt.c, 
> change line 369 to:

I applied not this patch, in this message, but rather the patch
that you sent in your subsequent message.  It works quite well!

> This simply means that for breakpoints, the state file reads and writes
> mangled names rather than demangled names. The larger issue is that
> when dealing with function names, ups uses the demangled names in most
> cases. Hence the function variables in the state file won't be 
> found in the scenario described because they use the demangled names. 
> meyabe I can sort this out properly at some point.

I had not noticed whether this was a problem.  My most visible
issue was the restoration of breakpoints, or even their continued
maintenance by ups within a single ups invocation.

Thanks again!!

				Bob Carragher

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