Re: Another simple(???) question

From: Bob Carragher (
Date: Fri Sep 14 2001 - 06:44:54 BST

Callum Gibson <> writes:

> writes:
> }I was wondering how difficult it would be to enable the
> }DISabling of existing lines of code?  Theoretically, if
> }one can determine enough context to perform a "next,"
> }then wouldn't one be able to do the same with disabling
> }a line of code?  (I would imagine there would be issues
> }with boundary conditions, such as at a function return,
> }which could just become constraints on such a debugger
> }functionality.)
> Not to mention optimised/pipelining issues. But anyway, how about the
> "Jump to Here" menu option in the breakpoint menu?

Whoops!  This is exactly what I'm looking for.  Thanks for
the pointer!

Sorry to bother the mailing list!


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