ups 36 and 37b2 coredumps on x86 RH7

From: John Utz (
Date: Fri Sep 21 2001 - 18:44:51 BST


i just subscribed, because i just started using ups about 10hours ago. :-)

i feel that it has a marvelous ui despite the profound leanness of the
ui implementation.

it compares favorably with the MSFT DevilStudio debugger, which i am
actually quite fond of. tho i am sort of biased, 'cause i helped write the
MSFT WinCE 3.0 kernel debugger.

anyway. it's great. but it's barfing on me. please bear with me if it's a
common problem with a well known fix, i just got started here:

Warning:  sizeof(bool) inconsistent across compile modules!
          This may be caused by compiling with different versions of g++.
          (You may suppress this warning by setting the environment
          variable UPS_WARN_INCONSISTENT_BOOL=off)
Fatal internal error: bad number in parse_num (aborting) ...
Dumping core ... Aborted

do i need to recompile all of my RedHat 7 userland to avoid this? or is
there something else i can do?




John L. Utz III

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