Re: Overstrike mode for key driven ups?

From: Flemming Madsen (
Date: Sun Oct 21 2001 - 08:37:03 BST

Russell Browne wrote:
> I agree with Will that toggling between an insert and overstrike
> modes would have a number of UI problems.
> I have a hard time imagining how <tab> would move focus in a reasonable
> way.  Every displayed value, array index, expression, and breakpoint
> is a potential editable field.  Would you have to tab through everything
> in the display window to get to a breakpoint you wanted to edit?

Motif does this in "tab groups"; The <Tab> key takes you to the
major areas, ie. panes in ups, and the arrow keys navigate inside the
group.  I could imagine <CTRL-Up/Down> for navigating focus inside
the pane.  Very neat for browsing the variable display :-))).


Regards /Flemming

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