UPS 3.37-beta3 available

From: Rod Armstrong (
Date: Fri Nov 09 2001 - 22:55:36 GMT

Ups 3.37-beta3 is now available from

Changes between 3.37-beta3 and 3.37-beta2
o  Fix from Russ Browne for the <Bad format hint> problem seen with g++ on 
   Solaris 5.6 as reported by Will Dowling.
o  Fix from Russ Browne for the "sizeof(bool) inconsistent across compile
   modules" warning as reported by John Utz and Zhidian Du.
o  Fix from Rod Armstrong for using state and breakpoint files with overloaded
   methods. The files now contain the mangled function name followed by the
   demangled name in double quotes. The latter is for readibility only. 
o  Defaulted the ScrollDelay to 25 instead of 0.
o  Fixes from Ian Edwards for the testwn.c wn library testing file.

I didn't attempt anything on the keyboard driven issues, rather I just wanted 
to capture bug fixes done since beta2 and as well as my changes for breakpoint
files on overloaded methods.

Rod Armstrong

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