Re: can ups be operated from the keyboard?

From: Andrew Lister (
Date: Thu Oct 11 2001 - 23:35:47 BST

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    >How about function keys F1 .. F12. As I have been been using quite a
    >lot Microsoft Visual C++, and it is using keys, like
    >  F5 - continue
    >  F10 - step over
    >  F11 - step into
    >  shift+F11 - step out
    >  F12 - run to cursor
    Personally (but know I'm speaking for others) I hate the MSVC++ debugger,
    editor, insistence on doing things for you, condition of the generated
    makefiles and, well, pretty much everything about it.
    Using function keys for the above is illogical.  Please let's not go 
    down this path.
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