Re: can ups be operated from the keyboard?

From: Callum Gibson (
Date: Fri Oct 12 2001 - 02:09:35 BST

  • Next message: John Utz: "Re: can ups be operated from the keyboard?" writes:
    }Of the various proposals floated, a variation on the typing
    }line shortcuts, (%s, %n, etc.) seems most easy to implement.
    Yeah, that's why I proposed it. :-)
    }As to the typing line shortcuts, I suggest using some initial character
    }other than '%', to avoid conflict with the existing %d and to
    }provide greater flexibility in extending the % short cuts.
    As Rod mentioned (did that go to the list?) it's still not a single
    keystroke and it is cumbersome to change to a different command (delete and
    reinsert then RET).
    }Does this sound desirable, of just wierd?
    Sounds ok, but not the ultimate solution.

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