Re: Is thread support available under Linux 2.2.14?

From: Bob Carragher (
Date: Thu Jan 03 2002 - 18:26:13 GMT

Andi Kleen <> writes:

> > Since I know very little about the mechanics of threading (be it
> > in Solaris or Linux), I will assume it's a fairly complex one to
> > deal with, particularly for a debugger.  So, should I assume that
> > that functionality will not be soon available under Ups?
> I guess so.
> It would be needed to implement support for libthread_db. 
> Looking at ups 3.36 source I cannot even find thread support for Solaris in 
> fact. 
> [Note I'm not a ups hacker] 

Well, under Solaris, I would guess that if a signal is being
generated to indicate thread mutex synchronisation, it is
being ignored by Ups.  Certainly, I can set breakpoints in
certain functions which can only be reached by "child" threads,
and have no problems with Ups not reaching them.  Perhaps that
would be a sufficient "fix" for Ups for Linux -- i.e. either
have it ignore signal 32 or at least have the capability of
setting the action on such a signal?



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