Re: Is thread support available under Linux 2.2.14?

From: Russell Browne (
Date: Thu Jan 03 2002 - 19:42:00 GMT

> I guess so.
> It would be needed to implement support for libthread_db. 
> Looking at ups 3.36 source I cannot even find thread support for Solaris in 
> fact. 
> [Note I'm not a ups hacker] 
> -Andi

I've been hacking in support for libthread_db over the last year, with a 
result that works pretty well on solaris.  I ran into the signal 32
problem on Linux and went back to work on solaris.

Bob's mail prompted me to look into this again.

My Linux system has signal 32 as __SIGRTMIN, while the code in obj_signal.c
expects this macro to be _SIGRTMIN.  Adding the following at about line
133 of  obj_signal.c, just before the use of _SIGRTMIN, should give
control over the handling of signal 32:

   #if defined(__SIGRTMIN) && !defined(_SIGRTMIN)
   #if defined(__SIGRTMAX) && !defined(_SIGRTMAX)

Is Linux's use of signal 32 for threading documented anywhere?
I hate to hack in UPS features based purely on experiment.


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