Re: UPS news : 3.38-beta1 with DWARF support

From: Curt Mills, WE7U (
Date: Fri Oct 25 2002 - 20:29:53 BST

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    On Fri, 25 Oct 2002, Ian Edwards wrote:
    > UPS license
    > -----------
    > Starting with 3.38-beta1 UPS will be released under the GNU GPL.
    Good to hear!  Either BSD'ish or GPL'ish are good.
    > SourceForge
    > -----------
    > There is now an UPS project on SourceForge.
    This is, like, _REALLY_ good news!
    > Are people interested in making use of the various SourceForge
    > features (forums, bug tracking, CVS etc.) ?
    I'd highly recommend it.  We moved a GPL'ed project to SourceForge
    Jan 31st of this year and started using most of the features.  The
    biggest gains were the bug tracker, the feature request tracker, and
    having several developers able to access CVS directly.  We still run
    our mailing lists separate from SourceForge, so I can't comment on
    how well SourceForge's lists work.
    The release process and multiple download servers are pretty nice
    Our project has seen a lot more development since it moved to
    SourceForge, so it's been a big win for us.  It's also nice to see
    where we are in the stats in comparison to other SourceForge
    projects, but that's probably just my competitive side showing!
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