Re: ups with Suse 8.1 gcc 3.2?

From: Tom Hughes (
Date: Fri Feb 28 2003 - 17:15:16 GMT

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            Daniel M. Quinlan <> wrote:
    > After loading a new Suse release, I found that ups no longer
    > was able to find the source code to display, I presume
    > because the symbol table format changed (or something of
    > that nature).
    Presumably the new Suse release has moved to version 3 of gcc, which
    uses DWARF debugging data instead of stabs?
    That is only the default though, so you can compile -gstabs+ and use
    the old version of ups if you want.
    > I found ups-3.38-beta1 on the SourceForge
    > web site and compiled and installed it, but it was worse:
    > elbert% ups dbcp
    > DWARF error :  dwarf_attr - no entry (DIE <3042><11>)
    > DWARF error : attribute form not string - OK (DIE <3042><11>)
    > Fatal error: segmentation fault.
    > Dumping core ... Segmentation fault
    Not a problem that I remember seeing, but I'm using the cvs version
    rather than the last beta.
    Tom Hughes (
    Software Engineer, Cyberscience Corporation

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