UPS problem on RedHat 8.0

From: Suleyman Karabuk (
Date: Sat Mar 15 2003 - 03:53:38 GMT

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    I recently installed ups version 3.37 on Red Hat 8.0.
    I compiled a very simple Hello World program with gcc version 3.2 and
    -gstabs option. I invoke ups, works fine, insert a breakpoint and start,
    works fine. Then I click on the variable that I want to watch, ups
    terminates and says:
    Fatal internal error: symno botch in fs (aborting) ...
    Dumping core ... Aborted
    I tried version 3.38 beta1 but that does not even start, it says:
    DWARF error :  dwarf_attr - no entry (DIE <3042><11>)
    DWARF error : attribute form not string - OK (DIE <3042><11>)
    Fatal error: segmentation fault.
    Dumping core ... Segmentation fault
    I used ups some 10 years ago on Sun workstations and I loved it. I have
    recently setup a Linux machine to do some software development and I
    really want to be able to use ups again.
    Hope someone helps !!!
    Thanks to all...
    Suleyman Karabuk
    Assistant Professor
    University of Oklahoma
    School of Industrial Engineering
    Tel: 495 325 4365

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