Re: SUN OS 2.8

Date: Wed May 14 2003 - 16:38:19 BST

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    I have successfully built ups using Sun's workshop compiler version 7.0 
    with Flemming's patch (included, but you'll need some simple hand edits 
    because the patch was for an earlier version of UPS).  It works great 
    with C code, but C++ code causes it to crash when I try to interrogate a 
    variable (by clicking the code).  I have similar results when debugging 
    Sun C++ or Gnu g++ compiled code.  I'm afraid it looks like my favorite 
    debugger may no longer support recent Sun platforms. :^(
    Greg Wagner (TTR) wrote:
    > Hello,
    > We recently upgraded several of our machines to SUN OS 2.8 so 
    > I down loaded and built ups-3.35 last week.  All I did to make 
    > it was:
    >    % configure >& configure.log
    >    % make ups >& make.log
    > When I ran ups it dumped core.  

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