Re: ups Next and Step acting like Cont

From: Matt Seitz (
Date: Fri Aug 08 2003 - 16:44:10 BST

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    Matt Seitz wrote:
    > I am trying to debug the Samba "smbd" program using the ups debugger.  
    > I am running smbd in interactive, non-daemon mode (smbd 
    > --interactive).  I am starting by trying to step through the main() 
    > function.  If I set breakpoints, "ups" will stop at the breakpoint.  
    > But if I select "Next" or "Step", "ups" acts as if I pressed "Cont" 
    > and runs "smbd" until it exits.
    I was able to get "ups" to work correctly by making two changes to the 
    "CFLAGS" macro in the SAMBA make file.  First, I changed "-gstabs" to 
    "-g".  Second, I changed "-O2" to "-O0".

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