Updated contrib release available: 3.31-RGA

From: Rod Armstrong (rod_at_San-Jose.ate.slb.com)
Date: Tue Mar 24 1998 - 18:57:31 GMT

Updated contrib releases of UPS

This is an unoffical release, based on the last official release from 
Mark Russell, version 3.14-beta. This version has only been compiled and 
tested on Solaris 2.5, Solaris 2.6 and SunOS 4.1.3, with the Sparc 
Compilers SC4 and SC4.2, gcc/g++ 2.7.2 and 2.8.0 and the Centerline c and 
cfront/C++ compilers. Also built for Linux ELF 2.0.31 (Red Hat 5.0).

Most of the fixes have been for gcc and SC4.2. I didn't have time to
make any Linux improvements, other than a few #ifdefs and declaration
fixes to get it building again - though in limited testing I noticed 
that the newer kernel and compiler seem to have improved things:
an attach shows the actual stack trace, and the "stop" button seems
more effective. The better name demangling and symbol reading for gcc
should improve things on Linux as well.

Many thanks to Greg McFarlane <gregm_at_iname.com> for doing some testing and
providing real life test cases for gcc.

I hope to get time to look into fixing template debugging for SC4.2,
and improving Linux support in the future.

BTW, anyone interested in setting ups a web page for UPS?

Getting the release
The README and tar file are available from:


The same site has precompiled binaries for Solaris, SunOS and Linux 2.0.31:


The files should soon be available at other mirror sites such as:


Unpacking the distribution
You should have a compressed tar file called ups-3.31-RGA.tar.gz Change 
directory to a disk with a six or more megabytes of free space and say:
        gzip -dc ups-3.31-RGA.tar | tar xfp -
This will create a directory tree called ups-3.31-RGA. Change directory into it.

See the file README for build instructions.

Changes between 3.31-RGA and 3.29-RGA 
   This is mostly a bug fix release. Support for gcc/g++ (including version
   2.8.0) is much improved, and crashes when loading Sun SC4.2 compiled
   code have been fixed.

o  Fixes for reading SC4.2 code, mainly C++. 

o  Many fixes for g++ to fix crashes on reading the symbol tables.
   All data members of structs and classes should be displayed now -
   previously these were often truncated. For g++, C++ name demangling 
   conforms to the gnu style - for example a template method might be shown
   as "array<array<int> *>::operator[]". 

o  UPS allows spaces in function names as shown in the above example. 
   State files and breakpoint files now enclose function names in
   double quotes for this reason. However UPS will happily read old
   style control files without quotes.

o  For gcc, fixed a problem in which the first file in compilation
   command was sometimes missing from the source files list in UPS.

o  There is no longer shell style globbing for breakpoint names. This
   makes it easier to enter special characters such as brackets in operator 
   methods. One could enter "ostream::operator<<" to break on cout
   statements, for instance, without having to escape the "<" characters
   as previously. Name completion works as before. 

o  Provided a workaround for a problem in debugging shared libraries
   with the Rational Clearcase source control file system. There is a
   mismatch between the Clearcase virtual file system and the Solaris
   /proc virtual file system such that UPS could not debug shared
   libaries that were in a versioned object base or vob. UPS now figures 
   out the mapping between the file systems and debugging can proceed.

o  UPS understands the data type "bool" that gcc supports. Data of 
   type bool is shown as "true" of "false" in the display window. It 
   can be edited to be either such string, or an integer - 0 being displayed
   as "false" and all other values as "true". In breakpoint code, it 
   should be assigned to an integer.

o  UPS will load a dymanically loaded library that occurs during a "next"
   or "step" operation as well as during a "cont". Previously it worked
   only for "cont".

o  Fixed a bug when reattaching to a process that is stopped at a pause().
   Previously the first attach left the target at the pause, but the
   second attach broke it out of the pause.

o  UPS should digest the occasional bad section of symbol tables without
   croaking. A few bad stabs entries have been seen on some Solaris Centerline
   compiled code. UPS will emit "Bad syntax in symbol table" and continue.

o  Added a new help section under Help -> Breakpoints -> conditional.

o  Minor updates and corrections to the man pages.

o  A "ups -v" now produces:

	ups version 3.31-RGA (build date: Fri Mar 20 20:57:58 PST 1998)

Rod Armstrong
20 March 1998

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