Version 3.32 on, fix for relative linking

From: Rod Armstrong (
Date: Wed Jun 24 1998 - 19:58:22 BST

The 3.32 version of ups is now available from as well.

I wasn't getting any mail form the user list for a while, but it seems
to be working agin now. Apologies is I missed some issues.

Re 3.32, Stuart Anderson <> reported a problem
with finding source files for targets that are relatively linked. This
was due to a minor change I made to get ups to find its own library files
when debugging itself. I'll fix this on the next release. If you have this 
problem, the fix is in .../ups/st_util.c in open_source_file() at 
line 588 (3.31 vs 3.32):

<                                       fil->fi_name);
>                                       fil->fi_name_only);

Change it back to fil->fi_name to fix the problem.

Rod Armstrong

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