Patch to 3.32 released

From: Ian Edwards (
Date: Tue Jul 21 1998 - 19:53:04 BST

Patch for UPS 3.32

Rod Armstrong has produced a patch for UPS 3.32, which turns it into 3.32.1.
This is now available from the web site
An extract from the CHANGES file follows the instructions.

To apply the patch :

1) Download and save

2) Change into the UPS 3.32 directory and apply the patch

    cd  ups3.32
    patch  -c -p -s  <  ../rga-332-patch-17jul98.pat

3) Rebuild ups


Ian Edwards
21st July 1998

This version has only been compiled and tested on Solaris 2.5, Solaris 2.6
and SunOS 4.1.3, with the Sparc Compilers SC4 and SC4.2, gcc/g++ 2.7.2, and
the Centerline c and cfront/C++ compilers. Also built for Linux ELF 2.0.31
(Red Hat 5.0).

See the file README for build instructions.

A "ups -v" now produces:

        ups version 3.32.1 (build date: Wed Jul 15 18:20:57 PDT 1998)

Rod Armstrong
13 July 1998

Changes between 3.32.1 and 3.32
o  Fixed the problem of finding source files for targets that are relatively
   linked. This bug was introduced in the 3.32 version, and only appeared
   for certain combinations of compilers and source.

o  Fixed the menu colors for the "*" menu item for variables. There is
   now a special Asterick resource for this. See the man pages for details.

o  Fix for finding symbol table information in library object files produced by
   the SC4 compiler, that are statically linked into the target.

o  The temporary file that ups uses to re-establish breakpoints on
   reattaching to a target is now named with a PID number, and removed
   after use. This fixes possible file conflicts between different users
   on the same machine.

o  Fixed a crash reported by Bob Carragher <> caused by
   an old state file that referred to a data structure that had since changed.

o  A left click on a block in the stack (the line that shows the line
   ranges for the block) now displays the source, instead of expanding the

o  Fixed inefficient repaints for target menu, and made the stop button
   active during all symbol table reading.

      Incorporated patches from Ian Edwards <> for:

o  Fixing build problems with FreeBSD 2.2.6-STABLE (also thanks to 
   Terry R. Friedrichsen <>). 

o  This also restores the ability to call target functions from breakpoint
   code. Should work for Linux as well.

o  Fix for FreeBSD in which doing 'Stop', 'Kill', 'Start' caused 
   "Fatal internal error: shared lib botch (aborting) ...".

o  FreeBSD - when debugging a core file UPS now reports the signal that
   caused the core dump, and the stack trace includes symbols that are
   in shared libraries.

o  General - can now edit long long integers.  Tested on FreeBSD 2.2.6-STABLE
   and Solaris 2.

  E-mail: Ian Edwards <>
  Date:   21-Jul-98             Time:   19:52:11

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