Re Contributions for UPS

From: Duane Ellis (
Date: Thu Aug 27 1998 - 15:42:48 BST

Rod - 

the person who did some of the changes that we want to contribute has
left the company a while ago. Only he knew how to build the 'med3'
menu editor program. Some of the enhancements require the use of Med3
to insert the new menu entries.

I've gotten the source to 'Med3' the menu editor for UPS and I'm
trying to build it and I'm having problems.

Med3 requires a few libraries that are contained within UPS - so I'm
playing theif taking what I can. I'm theiving from ups-3.32 - and
there are a number of low level library functions that call back
into UPS proper - when UPS proper is not linked into MED3 - well 
it's like peeling onions and finding a can of worms.

maybe you can suggest some things -

(A) IMHO - Med3 should be included in the UPS distribution It would
    make what I'm doing simpler.  Has anybody approached the author
    with this request?

(B) Do you know which version of UPS can be used to build Med-3?  I
    don't want to go back and download every version and try every
    version - but if I must - well I must.

(C) any other suggestions?


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