Re the med3 menu editor.

From: Rod Armstrong (
Date: Thu Aug 27 1998 - 18:05:32 BST

The ups menu editor, med3, was written by John Bovey, who also did a lot of
work on the wn libraries I believe. It's simple and easy to use. It links
with the ups wn library. However over the years various ups enhancements
have compromised the automony of the library by calling other ups
functions outside the library (I'm guilty of this.) They should be rewritten
as callbacks. As a hack, one can resolve the linker references by adding
dummy functions in the med3 code (e.g. med3.c):


In addition, the 3.32 version of ups added some color fields to the menu
structure, necessitating a few small changes in the med3 code. So to
answer the questions:

1. I will add the updated med3 sources and documention to the ups
   distribution (not sure when though).
2. med3 was created in the SunOS days, and the last ups version it built
   cleanly against was probably 2.45.2. I have ported it to Solaris
   and version 3.32.
3. I could deposit a med3 binary alongside the ups binaries - possibly

Rod Armstrong

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