ups-3.33 vrs sun os 4.1

From: Duane Ellis (
Date: Thu Oct 22 1998 - 18:47:15 BST

From the GCC-2.7.2 info file.

   * The 128-bit long double format that the Sparc port supports
     currently works by using the architecturally defined quad-word
     floating point instructions.  Since there is no hardware that
     supports these instructions they must be emulated by the operating
     system.  Long doubles do not work in Sun OS versions 4.0.3 and
     earlier, because the kernel emulator uses an obsolete and
     incompatible format.  Long doubles do not work in Sun OS version
     4.1.1 due to a problem in a Sun library.  Long doubles do work on
     Sun OS versions 4.1.2 and higher, but GNU CC does not enable them
     by default.  Long doubles appear to work in Sun OS 5.x (Solaris

The file 'data.c' which deals with extracting long doubles and stuff
like that barfs when I try to compile it. It seems that there needs to
be more detailed information specific to sun-os and it's various

While the machine on my desk (SunOS ss5mth35 4.1.3_U1 1 sun4m) uses
sun 4.1.3 - *MANY* others here use much older versions of sunos.

[don't worry about trying to find a patch for this - I'll figure it
out and try to pass one on to you all]


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