Re: ups-3.33 vrs sun os 4.1

From: Russell Browne (
Date: Thu Oct 22 1998 - 20:47:34 BST

I had to make the following change in lib/libmtrprog/ifdefs.h:
  At about line 121:
  Remove, or comment out the lines

     #if (__GNUC__ >= 2)
     #define HAVE_LONG_LONG          1
     #define HAVE_LONG_DOUBLE        1

I had the same problem Duane had with long doubles.

With long longs, I found that the compiler supported them
but the implementation of sprintf did not.  Since when HAVE_LONG_LONG
is set all interger data is represented as long longs, the
result was that all integer displayed as either 0 or -1!



Duane Ellis wrote:
> >From the GCC-2.7.2 info file.
>    * The 128-bit long double format that the Sparc port supports
>      currently works by using the architecturally defined quad-word
>      floating point instructions.  Since there is no hardware that
>      supports these instructions they must be emulated by the operating
>      system.  Long doubles do not work in Sun OS versions 4.0.3 and
>      earlier, because the kernel emulator uses an obsolete and
>      incompatible format.  Long doubles do not work in Sun OS version
>      4.1.1 due to a problem in a Sun library.  Long doubles do work on
>      Sun OS versions 4.1.2 and higher, but GNU CC does not enable them
>      by default.  Long doubles appear to work in Sun OS 5.x (Solaris
>      2.x).
> The file 'data.c' which deals with extracting long doubles and stuff
> like that barfs when I try to compile it. It seems that there needs to
> be more detailed information specific to sun-os and it's various
> versions.
> While the machine on my desk (SunOS ss5mth35 4.1.3_U1 1 sun4m) uses
> sun 4.1.3 - *MANY* others here use much older versions of sunos.
> [don't worry about trying to find a patch for this - I'll figure it
> out and try to pass one on to you all]
> -Duane.

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