"bad deriv in da" error

From: Ian Edwards (ian_at_pandora.panorama.com)
Date: Thu Jul 09 1998 - 11:10:51 BST

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    Subject: "bad deriv in da" error
    From: bob_at_fla.fujitsu.com (Bob Carragher)
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    I am brand new to this mailing list, so if I commit any
    faux pas or should be consulting a well-known FAQ, please
    forgive me and point me in the right direction!
    I have been using UPS for years, and it has been quite
    robust until recently.  Currently, I am trying to debug a
    relatively large (for me) program (roughly 60K lines) and
    when I try to expand on variables of certain types
    (typedef-ed by me), UPS core dumps with the following
         Fatal internal error: bad deriv in da (aborting) ...
         Dumping core ... Abort (core dumped)
    It is very consistent in that it will core dump whenever
    I try to explore any variable or field of certain typedefs.
    (By "explore," I mean highlighting that variable or field
    and then clicking the "Expand" button.)  Funnily enough,
    if I try to explore these variables/fields by explicitly
    naming a subfield of that typedef, UPS has no problem.
    Other oddities include:  it core dumps only for certain
    typedefs, not all of them; the set of typedefs on which
    UPS core dumps _changes_ as I make large modifications to
    the program (e.g. adding more typedefs).
    My questions are these:
         1.  Has anyone on this list ever seen this problem
             before?  Is it a bug or feature of UPS?  B-)
         2.  Can anyone recommend a cure (other than "don't
             do it"), or is this a hopeless problem?
    I am using UPS on C code.  The platform is an UltraSparc 2,
    single-processor.  I use gcc to compile my program (I also
    used gcc to make UPS).
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    				Bob Carragher
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