Re: Thank you!

From: Larry McVoy (
Date: Sun Jul 26 1998 - 17:00:49 BST

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    : Spread the word about UPS - "out of the box" support for Linux is relatively
    : new.  Which distribution are you using ?  Rod Armstrong uses Red Hat 5, but
    : we would be interested in knowing which others work, needed changes to
    : make them work, or don't work, so we can support them.
    Redhat 5.1.  It does seem to have issues with "ups program_that_segv_ed" but
    then I can rerun the program and it works, it's some loading issue - is that 
    a known problem?  If not, ping me and I'll provide details.
    : If you haven't done so please join the mailing list (subscription requests
    : to, it is *very* low traffic but is used
    : for announcements of new releases and bug fixes.
    I did already...
    On the topic of spreading the word - I haven't even looked for a license -
    what is it?  Is it free enough that the RedHat people will use it?  They
    are pretty picky.  If it is free enough, then I'll get it on the next RedHat
    distribution - I'm quite friendly with those guys, half of 'em were out here
    for the weekend messing about.
    Thanks again,

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