ups bug? (behaviour does not match FAQ)

From: Greg McFarlane (
Date: Fri Aug 07 1998 - 05:05:04 BST

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    ups version 3.32 (build date: Thu Jun 18 12:00:27 PDT 1998)
    I was trying out the suggestion in question 4 of the UPS FAQ
    <>, using the file
    sample.c supplied with ups.
    I used "add expr" in main to add this:
        (struct argst *)0x21dc0
    but when I tried to expand it, ups said:
        Can't expand undefined structure
    If I do the same in the stash function, it works fine.  This is what
    the screen looks like:
          main                                                     sample.c:18
             (struct argst *)0x21dc0            0x21dc0
          stash                                                    sample.c:13
             struct argst <a{0}>                *0x21dc0
                char <a_name{0}>                   "foo"
                struct argst *<a_next>             0x0
             (struct argst *)0x21dc0            0x21dc0
                char <a_name{0}>                   "foo"
                struct argst *<a_next>             0x0
    Is it me is is it ups?
    PS.  Here is sample.c, if you don't have it handy:
        struct argst { char *a_name; struct argst *a_next; };
        struct argst *listhead = 0;
        void stash(name)
        char *name;
    	struct argst *a;
    	char *malloc();
    	a = (struct argst *)malloc(sizeof(struct argst));
    	a->a_name = name;
    	a->a_next = listhead;
    	listhead = a;
        int main()
    Greg McFarlane
    INMS Telstra Australia (

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