Re: ups bug? (behaviour does not match FAQ)

From: Rod Armstrong (
Date: Fri Aug 07 1998 - 18:31:37 BST

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    This seems to be a feature of gcc - the expression can be expanded in main
    when compiled with the Sun or Centerline compilers, but not gcc. Gcc is scoping
    the definition of the data type to the routines where it is used. If you
    put an instance of the data type in main(), such as "struct argst *b",
    then you can reference the type.
    BTW, I neglected to update the FAQ on the last patch. UPS does support
    meta keys in custom menus strings now, so if you select
     "struct argst *<a>                  0x217d0"
    in the display window, a custom menus string definition of
    # this is to change a variable to an `add exp' of the address
    setenv UPS_F5_STR "^y_at_b^ @b^w^b^d)^a(\n"
    will add an expression of "(struct argst *)0x217d0".
    Feel free to suggest other FAQ topics, and I'll add them to the list.
    Rod Armstrong

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