UPS and fortran

From: Michele Ferlauto (
Date: Mon May 24 1999 - 18:18:26 BST

I compiled ups-3.33 + patch and ups-3.34beta under the Red Hat Linux 5.1

in both cases I was unable to read the variable value of my fortran

A  very simple test program like this:

         write(*,*) 'It will work?'
         write(*,*) ii


is executed correctly but if we look to the value of i o ii Ups crashes
a produces the message

Fatal internal error: unknown f77 basic type line in symtab (aborting) 

I compiled ups both with the GCC and EGCS compilers  that come with Red
Hat 5.1 The test program in fortran has been compiled using the g77
given in the same distribution and is part of the EGCS suite.

g77 -g -o test.deb test.f

There is anybody that is using Ups to debug fortran programs under Linux

Thank you in advance

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