Re: can ups handle multiple threads like dbx ??

From: Callum Gibson (
Date: Wed Jun 30 1999 - 03:25:59 BST

Ian Edwards writes:
:-)> My name is Abdul Khadbai, I am trying to introduce ups to my collegues
:-)> I have a question , can ups handle multiple threads like dbx ??
:-)sorry but UPS currently does not have any facilities for debugging
:-)multi-threaded programs.

Having said that though, it does work "okay" on Solaris. i.e. you can set
a breakpoint in a function and when any thread enters that code it will
stop there. So it is possible to debug a multi-threaded program with ups
(at least on Solaris) but it isn't possible to debug the multi-threaded
behaviour itself, i.e. there are no facilities for controlling individual
threads, only stopping and stepping in particular functions. As long as
you're not having MT problems this is usually sufficient.

Note: when you're in a breakpoint, the whole process is stopped, not just
the current thread. Single stepping may or may not allow other threads
to execute before it stops at the next line.


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