Building UPS using gdb core (i.e., for HP-UX)

From: Jim O'Reilly (
Date: Tue Jul 13 1999 - 04:36:25 BST

Hi, UPS folks,

I have a need to build UPS for an OS that it has not currently been ported
to (HP-UX 10.20), and the building of ups using a gdb core as mentioned
on the web page (see below)  caught my eye.  However, the part about the
gdb back-end being broken also caught my eye.  I'd like to try to fix it,
but thought I'd poll the mailing list to see if anyone else has worked on
this problem (successfully or not).  I've gotten some useful email from
Rod Armstrong on the topic, but if anyone else has done any work, please
respond to the list.  That way, perhaps we can minimize duplication of effort.



Jim O'Reilly

  > Other UNIX systems
  >      There is support for BSDI BSD/386, Ultrix 3.x and 4.2 on DECstation,
  >      MIPS Magnum 3000 and Sony NEWS (MIPS) in the source. 
  >      If the compiler you are using is supported by gdb then you can use
  >      ups built with the gdb back-end, e.g. on AIX or HP-UX. For this you
  >      will need perl and the gdb source distribution (4.13 or later), as
  >      well as the ups source. See README.gdb in the ups distribution for
  >      details. 
  >      Note - building with the gdb back-end is currently broken - anyone want
  >      to volunteer to fix it ? 
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