RE: UPS on dual monitor systems

From: Ted Richards (
Date: Mon Sep 20 1999 - 19:01:23 BST

You can easily create multiple virtual screens using VNC
(  VNC allows you to set up a virtual
Unix display and display it on an arbitrary Unix/Windows/etc. machine. You
can simply set up several such displays and view them all from the same
monitor. This would be a good way to test multiple screens on a single

However this brings up a problem - VNC allows you to specify arbitrary
display numbers (I habitually use :3), so you should be able to specify any
screens for the split, not just :0 and :1.

Ted Richards

[Ian: Sorry for the double reply, I forgot to reply to all.]

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From: Ian Edwards []

I have extended this to support two displays but can only test it with
the nested X server as I don't have access to appropriate hardware.
To get the windows on different screen you use '-split:0' (1st window
on screen 0, 2nd on screen 1) or '-split:1' (1st window on srceen 1,
2nd on screen 0).

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