UPS on dual monitor systems

From: Ian Edwards (
Date: Mon Sep 20 1999 - 09:09:35 BST


is there any UPS user out there with a dual-monitor system, i.e. 2 X Windows
'screens', who can test (and help debug) support for splitting the UPS
window into two with each window on a different screen ?

Rod Armstrong has supplied the changes for optionally splitting the UPS
window into two : one contains the top menu bar and the information display,
the other contains the middle menu bar and the source code display.
To get this you use the '-split' on the command line.

I have extended this to support two displays but can only test it with
the nested X server as I don't have access to appropriate hardware.
To get the windows on different screen you use '-split:0' (1st window
on screen 0, 2nd on screen 1) or '-split:1' (1st window on srceen 1,
2nd on screen 0).

Source is avilable at :

Note : beta3 may contain bugs not in the 3.34 release


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