Re: A wish-list request -- split viewers

From: Rod Armstrong (
Date: Fri Sep 03 1999 - 04:17:27 BST

I looked at Bob Carragher's <> request for split
windows in UPS and found that it could be implemented quite easily.

Unfortunately it missed the cutoff to 3.34, which I just announced. 
I sent a patch for 3.34 to Bob to test, and if it works correctly on his
multi-screen setup, I'll ask Ian to put the patch on the web site.
It seems to work fine with a single screen display. 

1. ups version will be 3.34.1.
2. Ups will be as before, unless you use "-split" on the command line.
3. With -split, source window, source menu, target menu, and output window
   and menu (if used) will be in one frame. Display window and the 
   permanent and dynamic menus will be in another frame.
   With -split, there is no drag box at the right end of the target menu,
   because there is no display window above.
4. You can use the undocumented control+shift left/right buttons
   to rearrange components within one frame.

Rod Armstrong

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