A wish-list request -- split viewers

From: Bob Carragher (bob_at_fla.fujitsu.com)
Date: Wed Sep 01 1999 - 03:24:05 BST


Having not recently checked the "wish list" or TO_DO file lately, I'm
not sure whether this is planned, but I was wondering (a) whether
having "split windows" (see below) is on the list of things to do and,
if not, (b) whether it was reasonable and/or feasible?

By "split windows," I mean splitting the display window from the source
window, so that there are in fact TWO windows, each of which can be
independently sized, moved, etc.

Why am I looking for such a beast?  There are times when I need to be
looking at a lot of state information, but at the same time I need to
watch the source and context around it as I step through it.  I can
get a fair amount of viewage with my current workstation monitor, which
is a 1280x1024(?) display, but it'd be nice if I could get a full-length
window for BOTH.  Further, I have a two-monitor setup, so it's quite
easy for me to throw up two UPS windows covering one entire screen,
and still be able to see the output from a window on another screen.

On the other hand, I can see that this is potentially a big, big
hassle, and that there is probably nobody else in the world who has
the kind of monitor-setup that I do and uses UPS.  So if this gets
very low priority, then I understand.

Just thought I'd ask!


				Bob Carragher

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