Version 3.34 of UPS released

From: Rod Armstrong (
Date: Fri Sep 03 1999 - 02:03:14 BST

The 3.34 version of UPS has finally been released. This has all the enhancements
and fixes of the beta4 version, plus refixes for debugging core files on

Getting the release
The README and tar file are available from:

also at

The site has precompiled binaries for Solaris 2.5, 2.6 and 2.7.
Note that these are NOT tar files, just compressed binaries - so simply unzip
them with "gzip -d" and rename to "ups".

All the files are available at other mirror sites such as:

(It's not yet available at, but should be later.)

Unpacking the distribution
You should have a compressed tar file called ups-3.34.tar.gz Change 
directory to a disk with a six or more megabytes of free space and say:
        gzip -dc ups-3.34.tar | tar xfp -
This will create a directory tree called ups-3.34. Change directory into it.

See the file README for build instructions.

Changes between 3.34 and 3.33
o  Russ Browne <> provided fixes for
    -  breakpoints in static constructors
    -  compiler identification
    -  changes to g++ 2.8.1 symbol table
    -  using UPS on purify'd executables
    -  locating X application resources file
    -  display of 'register' storage class variables
    -  latest version of GNU C++ name demangler
    -  A Dump Memory item which can be used to show the contents of a 
       section of memory in bytes, shorts, longs and ascii. 

o  Ian Edwards <> provided
    -  building UPS through a 'configure' script
    -  changes for FreeBSD 3.x (a.out and ELF)
    -  fixes for Fortran on FreeBSD and Linux (test programs provided
       by Michele Ferlauto <>.

o  Laszlo Ladanyi <> provided fixes for
    -  building under debian Linux 2.0 (kernel 2.0.35)
    -  building on Linux with glibc 2.1
    -  ELF symbol table processing on Linux
    -  compilation warnings

o  Dibyendu Majumdar <> provided
    -  lots of work on the standalone C interpreter included in the
       UPS source code, documentation on it, tests etc.  See the file
       interpreter/docs/Interpreter.txt for full details.

o  Will Renkel <> provided the information
   about building UPS on a Linux 'a.out' system (on the web site)

o  Rod Armstrong <> provided fixes for
     -  debugging core files under Solaris 2.6 and 2.7. For Solaris,
        from limited testing, debugging target and cores is summarized below:

	UPS Built     Can debug targets from        Can debug cores from
        on Solaris    2.5    2.6    2.7             2.5    2.6    2.7 

        2.5           yes    no     no              yes    no     no
        2.6           yes    yes    no              no     yes    no
        2.7           yes    yes    yes             no     yes    yes

    -  files created with a custom preprocessor inherit the 
       dereference semantics of the language of the output files:
       e.g. if "file.c-custom" is processed to "file.c", then the
       C semantics of "->" and "." will be used when clicking on 
    -  Globals should show their correct type instead of sometimes
       showing "int assumed". The bug was introduced in 3.33.
    -  The "Stop" button once again terminates a long symbol table search. 
       The bug was introduced in 3.33.1.

Rod Armstrong
2 Sep 1999

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