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Date: Mon Nov 01 1999 - 04:55:05 GMT

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    Hi all
    I just compiled ups 3.35-beta5 in Linux ELF. I attempted to put conditional
    breakpoints as described in the BUGS files, i.e, setting a breakpoint above the
    place I need the conditional break, starting the program, and then adding the
    code for the conditional break. When I press ESC ups warns about, for example,
    strcmp appearing more than once. Then when I press Cont it warns "Indirect call
    failed in breakpoint code" and the debugee dies with SIGSEV. If instead I step
    through the program this warning is printed every time the breakpoint code is
    reached. This does not happen with programs which have statically linked
    libraries. The shared libraries I use are from distribution, without debugging
    info. Do they need to be compiled with debugging info? Or perhaps I need to
    start the debugging process in some other way?
     I use libc5 and gcc on Linux 2.0.0.
    Any suggestion appreciated.
                    Camilo Ramos
    Camilo  Ramos
    Universidad Nacional de Colombia
    Date: 31-Oct-99
    Time: 23:55:04
    "Anyone can do any amount of work, provided it isn't the work she/he is
    supposed to be doing at the moment."
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