RE: UPS and infinite recursion

From: Ian Edwards (
Date: Thu Mar 16 2000 - 16:08:09 GMT

On 16-Mar-00 Bob Carragher wrote:
> Specifically, when a program experiences infinite recursion,
> the call stack becomes corrupted.  Any debugger that is used
> to examine the resulting core file is helpless, since the
> pre-garbage stack cannot (usually) be reconstructed.  Also,
> most debuggers will not stop the corruption before it happens.

Hello Bob,

Dave Hayden's suggestion about hitting the Stop button in UPS is certainly
the easiest.

You could also try using Purify : "Purify detects ... Overflowing the stack
by recursive function calls" it says in the manual page.  You can combine
Purify and UPS by setting a breakpoint at a the routine 'purify_stop_here()'.


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