UPS and infinite recursion

From: Bob Carragher (
Date: Thu Mar 16 2000 - 02:31:28 GMT

Hi there,

A friend of mine (whom I've been trying to convert to using
UPS) suggested that if UPS could handle infinite recursion
gracefully then he'd convert.

Specifically, when a program experiences infinite recursion,
the call stack becomes corrupted.  Any debugger that is used
to examine the resulting core file is helpless, since the
pre-garbage stack cannot (usually) be reconstructed.  Also,
most debuggers will not stop the corruption before it happens.
Thus, even if I start the program under UPS, it will not stop
before it loses track of the stack.

What I'm wondering is whether it is possible to catch this
event with some signal before it happens?  I did a quick
check under signal(5) (Solaris 2.x), but found nothing that
addressed this specific problem.  Is this one of those problems
that goes beyond the abilities of debuggers (under Unix



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